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Product Specifications


Acrylic offers durability and brilliance. Made of synthetic polymer material, acrylic art is able to handle the weather without trouble. Acrylic is also resistant to liquids and can stand up to frequent cleanings. Communicate a modern innovative contemporary environment with acrylic art. When light enters the translucent material it reflects and refracts, enhancing the vibrancy and luminescence of colors, while picking up every detail. 

Acrylic art prints are a stunning way to showcase your favorite artwork. Our prints are made with high-quality acrylic material that provides a sleek and modern look. The vibrant colors and sharp details of your artwork will be enhanced by the glossy finish of the acrylic. Our prints are also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your artwork will look beautiful for years to come.


Custom Artwork


Wide Range of Sizes


Premium Materials


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Presentation Options

Acrylic Art can be ordered clear (no backing) or with white backing. Sandwich options are also available, which places the selected artwork print between two acrylic panels. Sandwich acrylic art is changeable, as prints can be easily removed and installed from between panels. Corners can be specified as square or round 1/8". 

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